Updated to version 1.0.1, which contains a few bug fixes to bugs found shortly after release.

 * Fixed pressing Edit Walls not toggling walls off again.
 * Fixed clicking a research but out of pricerange assembly button opening research menu.
 * Simplified healing enemy healing code slightly.
 * Removed any kind of automatic autosave deletion, fixing a bug where it would be deleted if one entered assembly editor.
 * Fixed waves being able to be started when they should not be.
 * Fixed being unable to start waves during a specific point in the tutorial.
 * Fixed a few minor issues with enemy deaths, including healthbars remaining post datastream entry.
 * Fixed base module targeting being jittery with fast rotators and prediction upgrade.
 * Possibly fixed Memory Wipe not working occasionally, can't reproduce it anymore.
 * Added a header to the highscore window.


StandaloneWindows.zip 17 MB
Dec 10, 2017
StandaloneLinux.zip 22 MB
Dec 10, 2017

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