Apparently I'm able to actually finish something I start, which is a strange new feeling. Does this mean that I'm a published game developer now? Would sound pretty dope on my resume.

Regardless, Brute Force Attack started development äround April 2015, and was worked on entirely as a hobby project throughout it's development. Just something that I'd put a bit of work into now and then, a few hours per week on avarage. Development went steadily-ish until around November 2016, where I just wasn't really feeling the game. It had a bunch of issues in terms of game design, and in and of itself wasn't particularily unique in terms of gameplay. This lead to the project being abandonend until very recently, December 2017, over a year later, where I decided that the game was so close to being finished, why not just go ahead and finish it? And so we are here. There are still a few bugs in the game, and I have recieved in a few reports, however so far they've all been very non-critical, and I'll leave them be for now.

During the long development haitus I was mostly focused on small one-day projects and my Discord bot Adminthulhu. I've tried to develop something new every now and then, but they never really got anywhere, and perhaps that was because I knew, in the back of my mind, that I needed to complete this before I could continue. It could also be because this is entirely a hobby and I'm not all that serious about it. Who knows?

Certainly not me. Now go give this a shot, it's actually borderline fun.

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Dec 08, 2017

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